Strip and Wax

* Remove old wax from floor
* High Solids Wax X-Coats 22% Solid (Esstential Industries)
* Standard 4 coats

Top Scrub and Recoat

* Floor Surface and apply two coats of wax
* Performed there enough wax on the floor
* Little bit off old wax put new wax help keep shine

Spray and Buff

* Damp on the floor
* Auto Scrubber
* 2000 Rpm High speed buffing floor
* Dust mop the floor
* Those follow the order keep shine up the floor

Ceramic tile and Grout Cleaning

Coming Soon...

Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction

* Cleaning Carpet Removal vacuum

* Followed by Hot water is applied ( 110 to 210 ) degrees

* Normal drying time Required is 24 hour to dry

Bonnett Cleaning

* Spray on carpet with Bonnett Machines

* 100% cotton and dry or slightly moistened

* Normal drying time Required is 2 hour to dry

Spot Cleaning

* Carpet spot removal

* Stains way of deep the spot on carpet

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